"New" Approach to Breast Reconstruction isn't All That "New"

September 21, 2018


There are two different ways that implants can be placed surgically into the chest. One way is "above the muscle" and the other is "under the muscle".

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Adding A Tattoo to Your Breast Form

August 21, 2018

Are you feeling left out because you've chosen to wear a breast form, which would otherwise cover up where the tattoo would normally be placed? You won't be feeling left out for long.

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One in Three Women Undergoing Breast Reconstruction Have Complications

July 05, 2018

We came across this article from the New York Times by Roni Karyn Rabin regarding the rate at which women who undergo breast reconstruction face complications after their surgery. It really is an eye opener. 

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Why You Should Start A Garden This Year

June 21, 2018


Have you planted anything yet this summer? You may want to after reading what we have to say. Gardening, being in nature, can have incredible effects on your mental and physical health. Take a look at why we love gardening below!

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Jellyfish Swimform

May 22, 2018


Are you just waiting to jump into the pool or lake? Is your heavy swimform holding you back?

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The Importance of Restoring Function with Finger Prosthetics

April 26, 2018

A common misconception about finger prosthetics is that they are "cosmetic" only. This could not be further from the truth.

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What colour is your breastform?

March 14, 2018


"My breastform doesn't show so why does it matter what colour it is?"

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Happy International Women's Day!

March 08, 2018

Over the years we have had the privilege to meet hundreds of the most elegant, interesting, life-loving, kick-ass women that ever lived!

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What To Do While You Wait For Reconstruction

February 23, 2018

Waiting lists for breast reconstruction surgery can be long and there is no guarantee that you will have the surgery as scheduled. So many unexpected things can happen. So what is a gal to do? 

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Wardrobe Hacks After Mastectomy/Lumpectomy

February 13, 2018

Adapting your wardrobe after dealing with breast cancer can be challenging. Breast cancer treatment often leads to body changes such as weight loss or gain, loss of part or all of the breast or the loss of both breasts. As time goes by your body structure may shift and the way your muscles work will change. It's a whole new world in terms of finding clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel good.

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Benefits of Wearing a Bressanté Breastform

January 15, 2018

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How long after a mastectomy/lumpectomy should I wait to wear a breastform?

How long after a mastectomy/lumpectomy should I wait to wear a breastform?

January 09, 2018

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Sizing Charts & Gallery

Breast Prosthetics Measurement Chart

 Cup size Our Size

Approx. Side to Side Measurement

Approx. Top to Bottom Measurement


A cup

Small A

Full A

6.5 in (17 cm)

7 in (18 cm)

6.25 in (16 cm)

6.25 in (16 cm)

B cup

Small B

Full B

7.5 in (19 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

7 in (18 cm)

7.5 in (19 cm)

C cup

Small C

Full C

8.5 in (21 cm)

8.75 in (22 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

8.25 in (21 cm)

D cup

Small D

Full D

9.25 in (24 cm)

9 in (23 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

8.75 in (22 cm)

DD cup

Full DD

9.75 in (25 cm)

10.5 in (27 cm)

DDD cup Full DDD 11.5 in (29.5 cm)

10.75 in (27.5 cm)

 Stretchy Bra Sizing

 Our size
Approx. Bra Size


Important Features To Look For In A Bra

Image from Herroom.com

  1. Adjustable straps
  2. Good Separation between Cups
  3. Solid Underband
  4. Elastic in Cleavage Area
  5. Wide on the Sides

Image from Herroom.com

Image from Herroom.com

  1. Wide, padded straps
  2. Centre fits close to chest
  3. Full coverage cups
  4. Solid Underband
  5. Extra Support on sides

Image from Herroom.com

  1. Front Closure
  2. Smooth Cups
  3. Wide Straps
  4. Support on Sides


Small A Cup size (front & side view)

Full A Cup size (front & side view)

Small B cup size (front & side view)

Full B cup size (front & side view)

Small C cup size (front & side view)

Full C cup size (front & side view)

Small D cup size (front & side view)

Full D cup size (front & side view)

Full DD cup (front & side view)