Why You Should Start A Garden This Year

June 21, 2018


Have you planted anything yet this summer? You may want to after reading what we have to say. Gardening, being in nature, can have incredible effects on your mental and physical health. Take a look at why we love gardening below!

It's Meditative

Focusing on something else besides the laptop, phone or TV is a welcome relief for your mind and body. Having your hands in the dirt and being close to the ground is connecting and calming. Being creative feels good too!

You Get Some Exercise

Carrying the dirt, raking, weeding, watering...gardening is a good way to get your heart going. Completing a mildly challenging task every day and getting a little sweaty is incredibly good for you.

You Make Your Home And Neighbourhood Beautiful

We're talking more about flowers here. Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow. Think of all the colours you have to choose from! Bringing blooms inside to sit on your table or kitchen counter is always a refreshing way to add some beauty into your home. 

You Can Feed Friends And Family

Who doesn't remember eating veggies straight from grandma's garden? Sharing with family or just having a little salad to yourself feels so good because you can control what goes into your garden. No chemicals here! You can plant whatever makes you feel good to eat!

You Can Garden As Little Or As Much As You Want

You have many options when it comes to gardening. You can start two huge patches of land where you grow enough food to feed your family for the next few months, or you can grow just a few bushes of flowers at the front of your house to smell as you come and go. 

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Sizing Charts & Gallery

Breast Prosthetics Measurement Chart

 Cup size Our Size

Approx. Side to Side Measurement

Approx. Top to Bottom Measurement


A cup

Small A

Full A

6.5 in (17 cm)

7 in (18 cm)

6.25 in (16 cm)

6.25 in (16 cm)

B cup

Small B

Full B

7.5 in (19 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

7 in (18 cm)

7.5 in (19 cm)

C cup

Small C

Full C

8.5 in (21 cm)

8.75 in (22 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

8.25 in (21 cm)

D cup

Small D

Full D

9.25 in (24 cm)

9 in (23 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

8.75 in (22 cm)

DD cup

Full DD

9.75 in (25 cm)

10.5 in (27 cm)

DDD cup Full DDD 11.5 in (29.5 cm)

10.75 in (27.5 cm)

 Stretchy Bra Sizing

 Our size
Approx. Bra Size


Important Features To Look For In A Bra

Image from Herroom.com

  1. Adjustable straps
  2. Good Separation between Cups
  3. Solid Underband
  4. Elastic in Cleavage Area
  5. Wide on the Sides

Image from Herroom.com

Image from Herroom.com

  1. Wide, padded straps
  2. Centre fits close to chest
  3. Full coverage cups
  4. Solid Underband
  5. Extra Support on sides

Image from Herroom.com

  1. Front Closure
  2. Smooth Cups
  3. Wide Straps
  4. Support on Sides


Small A Cup size (front & side view)

Full A Cup size (front & side view)

Small B cup size (front & side view)

Full B cup size (front & side view)

Small C cup size (front & side view)

Full C cup size (front & side view)

Small D cup size (front & side view)

Full D cup size (front & side view)

Full DD cup (front & side view)