Bressante Pop Up Fitting Events


What to Expect

Is someone you know struggling with breast cancer related body changes?

Bressanté is having a Pop Up Fitting Event in Toronto on November 29th & 30th at the Chelsea Hotel 

We will introduce the Capri Breastform, developed by a certified prosthetist and clinical anaplastologist Wendy Smith. The new, lightweight breast form designed with women in mind by a woman who knows from over 25 years in the industry, and over 14 years making breastforms.

"I actually cancelled my reconstruction after getting my Bressante Capri Breastforms. I am so happy!" - Vickie


Contact us using the info below to book your personal consultation!

Come and see what women everywhere are talking about!

What if I can't make it to the pop up?

If you can't make it to one of our pop ups we'll help you order your Capri online! Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to learn more!


  • Meet with Wendy for your personal consultation
  • Learn about the Capri breastform and what features to look for in a bra
  • Individual fitting of your Capri breastform
  • Learn how to adjust and care for your Capri
  • Enjoy some refreshments in a relaxing atmosphere
  • Go home with your Capri looking & feeling great!

Location of our next pop up: TBA

Contact Us to Register for an Event:

Toll free: 1-877-607-7645



Sizing Charts & Gallery

Breast Prosthetics Measurement Chart

 Cup size Our Size

Approx. Side to Side Measurement

Approx. Top to Bottom Measurement


A cup

Small A

Full A

6.5 in (17 cm)

7 in (18 cm)

6.25 in (16 cm)

6.25 in (16 cm)

B cup

Small B

Full B

7.5 in (19 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

7 in (18 cm)

7.5 in (19 cm)

C cup

Small C

Full C

8.5 in (21 cm)

8.75 in (22 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

8.25 in (21 cm)

D cup

Small D

Full D

9.25 in (24 cm)

9 in (23 cm)

8 in (20 cm)

8.75 in (22 cm)

DD cup

Full DD

9.75 in (25 cm)

10.5 in (27 cm)

DDD cup Full DDD 11.5 in (29.5 cm)

10.75 in (27.5 cm)

 Stretchy Bra Sizing

 Our size
Approx. Bra Size


Important Features To Look For In A Bra

Image from

  1. Adjustable straps
  2. Good Separation between Cups
  3. Solid Underband
  4. Elastic in Cleavage Area
  5. Wide on the Sides

Image from

Image from

  1. Wide, padded straps
  2. Centre fits close to chest
  3. Full coverage cups
  4. Solid Underband
  5. Extra Support on sides

Image from

  1. Front Closure
  2. Smooth Cups
  3. Wide Straps
  4. Support on Sides


Small A Cup size (front & side view)

Full A Cup size (front & side view)

Small B cup size (front & side view)

Full B cup size (front & side view)

Small C cup size (front & side view)

Full C cup size (front & side view)

Small D cup size (front & side view)

Full D cup size (front & side view)

Full DD cup (front & side view)